Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Best Fitness Equipment in the Industry?

Rogue Fitness Equipment is arguably some of the best on the market. Manufactured in the good 'ol US of A, they are something of pioneers in a new/retro age. Most recently they have earned wider recognition in the Crossfit community as the sole supplier and fabricator of all things strength and steel at the Crossfit games.

If you haven't seen this event, contestants compete on Rogue pullup rigs that look like extended monkey bars for giants, sleds loaded with plates and creative endeavors such as using an orange sledgehammer to slam a block on a track a set distance for time.

Rogue has tons of great equipment for everything from Crossfit to Strongman competitions to gymnastics. All of this simply means they are a great resource for setting up an amazing home gym.

In fact, a lot of their fitness equipment is designed to fit in a garage. Taking a cue from this hardcore equipment line, here are some of our favorites and some alternatives for the budget-minded. We chose these for a full body workout in a limited space:

Kettlebells, Medicine Balls and Battling Ropes:

So the battling ropes may be tough if space is limited. However, if you have a garage, open the door and roll out these bad boys.

Used with a partner or attached to an anchor point, these are an intense workout and should last a lifetime. Unless you set them on fire or sonething…

On the other hand, kettlebells take up little space and are so versatile! These off-balance weights can build cardio, muscle and of course strength. 

To start with buy 1 or 2. Add to your collection as you get stronger. The starter weight recommended for men is 40+ lbs. and for women 18-26 lbs. But you know how much you can handle. Get a solid weight you can handle to start out.


Medicine balls designed for slamming are a lot of fun and a great workout. These are easily stacked in a makeshift rig or shelf and 3 different weights goes a long way. Buy a lighter ball, 4-8 lbs. a moderate weight, 9-12 lbs. and a 14-16 lb. ball if you can handle it. Just remember, at some point a medicine ball can become too heavy and is just another weight. Be sure you can throw it and/or slam it.

Rogue offers Dynamax medicine balls (shown below,) which are arguably top of the line. Click here for some great medicine ball bargains:  Medicine Balls for Workout Routines Anywhere

So there you have it! Some great workout equipment everyone should have in a hardcore home gym. Before people start screaming about power racks and pullup bars I should mention that I will be exploring these game-changers in a follow-up post. For now, get shopping and push your body to it's potential-and beyond!

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