Kettle Bells

Kettlebells are an ancient and versatile workout tool. They have several advantages over traditional dumbbells and barbells, and pack a lot of value for the price.

Use lightweight kettlebells to increase cardiovascular endurance. Moderate weight kettle bells to improve short term or anaerobic endurance, and a heavier kettlebell for strength and muscle building, or all three. You can buy one of several weights (a 16, 26 and 53, for example,) or buy pairs for double-handed work.

Either way, single or double kettlebells will have a major impact on your fitness, and on the way your body looks.

Here are some of our favorites:

This is an amazing price for a well-made kettlebell of this weight. Similar models will run upwards of $80 us dollars or more.

A light kettlebell will always have a place of value in your workout room, even when you have graduated to heavier kettle bells.

All of these CAP kettlebells are made of solid cast iron! This may be the best deal on kettlebells anywere, but compare to GoFit, another well-made brand:


All of these have nice thick handles for one or two hand workouts, and are vinyl coated over solid iron to protect floors. The GoFit kettle bells listed above come with a training dvd and exercise booklet, but for true kettle bell training, buy the instruction book from the authority, Pavel Tsatsouline:


For kettle bell workout routines and other exercise advice, visit:

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