Bodylastics Resistance Band System

Why have resistance bands made the top 10 fitness gift list this year? Because Bodylastics resistance bands offers a uniquely durable product at a seriously reasonable price. Not to mention, resistance bands can be a tough workout for every major muscle group.

Add to this the fact that they are light and portable and you can use them in a variety of locations (home, gym, park, etc.) and this is the perfect fitness gift for the fitness geek in your life.

Bodylastics was chosen because of their unique D.G.S. construction. This stands for Distance Governor Safety and it basically means these bands can be stretched to the point of oblivion and are still snap resistant. Bodylastics does this by running a strong extended braided cord inside the tubing, which absorbs the tension if the cord is stretched to its max. We like not having thick rubber tubes snap off in our face.

Try the starter kit that provides 5 tubes with up to 96 pounds of resistance, or for the bodybuilder in the family, go for the "Strong Man XT Stackable" set. This monster has 8 tubes with up to 262 lbs. of resistance.  Each set comes with an instructional DVD, a carrying case and a 6 month membership to the Bodylastics LIVEEXERCISE website with a live workout show daily.

Dare we say? Resistance is futile. Throw it in the stocking already.

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