Beachbody Workout Programs, p90x and Insanity

Ok, so the p90x and Insanity programs from Beachbody are not exactly new, and they may not fit in the stocking or under a pillow. However, they are still two supercool fitness gifts for women or men, and despite having been around a while these programs are still popular-namely because they work.

These are the ultimate home training guides because you follow along with the videos using minimal or no equipment. Workouts are progressive, informative and take users through a warm-up, an intense workout and a cooldown.

12 dvd's come in the p90x package, which also includes nutrition and supplement advice. Mix up the workouts to achieve different fitness goals or just for a change of pace.

The Insanity Workout is a 10 dvd, 60 day conditioning set that emphasize high and moderate intensity bodyweight and bodyweight plyometric drills. Like p90x, Insanity offers nutrition advice, a calendar for tracking your progress and access to peer and expert support. These programs are only for someone who really wants to get in shape, because once you start there is no other alternative!

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