Home Gym Pull Up Bars

One of the best upper body strength exercises is the pull up, no new news there. What is interesting are the wide variety of pull up bar products, stations and assisting equipment on the market today. But all you really need is a sturdy, preferably easy to install pull-up bar.

It can be screwed into the wall or ceiling, mounted on door frame brackets, or like the Perfect Pullup or Iron Gym, simply assembled and hung from the doorframe. Choose one and get started, because pull-ups will strengthen the arms, upper back, latisimus dorsi, and the core. Increase your muscle mass, strength or endurance for every activity from carrying groceries to grappling to swimming and paddling. Here are our favorite choices:

The Stud Bar.

This is our number one pick for durability and price. It holds up to 600 lbs., has a 48 inch 1 1/4 inch diameter bar, and is warrantied for life. We ARE affiliated with this product and proud of it. You will be too if you buy one.  Click here to learn more about this great product: Studbar Pullup Bar

Here is one we like as an alternative to the "doorframe pull up bar." This one attaches with a screwdriver or tension alone (not a great option in our opinion, use the doorframe mounts!) It holds about 250 lbs., is made of steel, and best of all, fits doorways from 26 to 40 inches. Ok, even better is the price:

CAP Barbell Doorway Pullup Bar

The CAP Barbell doorframe/doorway pull up bar is a good piece of equipment for the money. At just under $30 (depending on where you shop) it assembles quickly with a medium-sized Phillips head screwdriver and is ready to go.

The recommended user weight is 200 pounds (approximately 95 kilos?) I'm a few pounds over this and it still feels solid. On top of this, the grips are nice and comfortable, and you can do a somewhat wide-grip pull-up, close grip and one with palms facing on the handles sticking out.

None of this is a problem, assembly was easy, it's well made, etc. One review mentioned the screws scratching the frame of the door, but I didn't have any such issues. The catch I ran into was the width of my doorframe-just over 36". The length of the long bar that rests against the frame on either side is about 36 3/4". Ouch, not good, and not safe to use. One side or the other keeps slipping off.

My doors are not standard width, however, but with more and more custom homes being made with wider doorways, make sure there is a door in your home which will accept the CAP doorway pullup bar safely. Fortunately, the entry door from my garage is narrower, so my money didn't go to waste.

I like this tool, and since I have a place to use it I'll keep it. It would probably stay with me anyway as it was a minimal expense (for me) and it can be taken on vacation (as long as I'm driving. :-) You can read more about the CAP Barbell doorframe pullup bar by clicking on the ad below.

For an upgraded version that started the whole doorframe pull-up bar industry, look no further than the Iron Gym pull-up bar:

This "extreme" edition is great for doing a wide or close gripped pull-up (using it's various handles,) but can also be sat on the floor for dips, pushups, and sit ups.

It has a steel frame designed to hold up to 300 pounds and fits doorways from 24 to 32 inches. Here's the catch, and this is important: Make sure the doorframe molding is not wider than 3.5 inches. But if it fits your doorframe, this is a great value for the home gym.

If you prefer a joist mounted, or more permanent installation, but can't afford the Studbar pull-up bar, our next best suggestion is the joist mounted version from MS Sports:

This is a sturdy, heavy gauge steel pull-up station with a 48 inch bar, knurled at the ends for a better grip. This will probably take you a little longer to install than a doorframe pullup bar, but this is such an incredible price, who cares? In less than half an hour you can have a serious pullup station for as long as the wall can hold you!

That is our wrap on favorite pullup bar stations. By far, the Studbar Pullup Bar system is the best for the money, and will last a lifetime. However, don't let price stop you. Get one you can afford and start getting stronger (and having fun doing it,) right away. You won't regret it.