Jump Ropes for Burning Fat and Cardio Conditioning

Jump ropes are one of the least expensive, but most effective pieces of home gym equipment you can buy. For less than $20 dollars, jump rope workouts can increase cardiovascular endurance, improve speed and coordination, and increase anaerobic capacity for high intensity bursts of energy.
The market for jumping rope to lose weight has expanded dramatically in recent years, and the result is a rich catalog of jump ropes to choose from. From dirt cheap to the cost of a moderately priced dinner for two, you can jump rope for weight loss in just one fun session a day; provided you don’t eat yourself into a coma at the same time!
Call them jump ropes or speed ropes, the right handles and length are important factors to consider when buying a jump rope. The handles should be comfortable and slip-resistant, and the ropes can be leather, vinyl, plastic or weighted. 
To choose the correct jump rope length, hold a rope, string or measuring tape with one end in each hand. Put one foot into the middle of this measure. Next, bring your hands up towards your chest. With your hands just underneath your armpits, the rope should be semi-taut. The length of rope measured from one hand to the other hand is the recommended rope length.
Here are our favorite jump rope choices. Any one of these can help you take advantage of jump rope benefits and improve your overall conditioning. Or buy one weighted rope and one speed rope to vary the jumprope workout intensity. Best of all? You can take the jumprope anywhere you go. 

Happy shopping!

A high speed jump rope that starts out at a 9 foot length, but is adjustable. Great choice if speed is your need. But if you don’t need the dvd instruction, consider the cheaper Valeo below:

 Like the Altus, the Valeo speed rope has foam handles and is adjustable (the Valeo speed rope starts out at 10 ft., a good choice for taller folks.) A good choice if you are on a budget, but adjustment is a little clumsy and time consuming. On the other hand, these cheap jump ropes are well made. The solid rubber ropes and sealed ball bearing rotation work as they should, and once the jump rope length is adjusted, your work is done.

 Weighted Ropes 

 For an inexpensive weighted jump rope, Weider has done a nice job with this one, and the price is right:


The clever design allows the 1/2 pound weights to be removed from the handles (which are comfortable foam,) easily. The Weider handles turn fast and smooth. Also, leather ropes do not have the same tendency to coil up as plastic ones do. Here is another good choice from Everlast:


The Everlast rope is available in 8 or 9.5 feet long, has natural wooden handles (not foam-covered like the Weider,) and is non-weighted.


For a little more money, the All Pro brand is one of the highest rated jump ropes on the market. Consistent high marks for quality of construction, ease of turning (handles and rope) and simple adjustment.


A little heavier:

With this combination of ropes, you can increase your muscular endurance, timing and foot speed in a matter of weeks. Not to mention burn quite a bit of fat in the process!

There are heavier ropes available, up to 5 pounds and beyond. However, a major complaint present with most of these is the difficulty turning them. Until a better super-weight jump rope is available, we will not be featuring these items here.

If you would like to use heavier ropes for cardio conditioning, as well as building muscle and strength, consider battling ropes:

This 50 foot rope from Champion is 1.5 inch diameter, which is a good diameter for the average person’s grip, while still remaining a bit of a challenge. You can buy one rope and wrap it around a tree trunk or pole if you are ‘battling’ by yourself. Buy an additional rope if you are working out with a partner. Champion battling ropes have booted ends to prevent fraying, and are priced competitively.



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  2. I just invested in some jump ropes so I could get back in shape because a friend of mine that's a trainer told me they were a great source of cardio. I must say that they have been working great and that I have lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks just from eating right and doing this daily. Thank you for sharing this article with us!

    1. 10 pounds in 3 weeks is great! Keep it up. Jumping rope is also an easy way to maintain hand/eye coordination and balance.