Jungle Gym XT Suspension Trainer

There is a lot of hype about suspension training, the TRX, homemade suspension training, and the value you get for the money. First, let's tackle value. A well-made pair of gymnastic rings, the TRX or the Jungle Gym XT are hugely beneficial if used correctly. Each time I think I need a 'heavier' workout I start off with a circuit of suspension training exercises and I'm reminded of how challenging they are.

Second, whether you prefer the TRX vs. the Jungle Gym, rings vs. homemade contraptions is a matter of budget and preference. Since we've covered the TRX in a previous post we are going to talk Jungle Gyms in this one.

The XT is the latest version of this suspension trainer, and it prices out at just over $100 dollars, or almost $150 with extender straps and shipping. As with the TRX, it is made of 1,000lb. test nylon webbing, has comfortable handles and foot stirrups.

Unlike the TRX, it is made with black straps and red handles. The suspension trainer "born in the Navy Seals" comes with 2 bonus workouts and 65 minutes of thorough instruction. The Jungle Gym XT has a full color poster of dozens of exercises for easy reference, and includes a 90 minute instructional DVD. With the TRX coming in at over $200, it seems like color and extra workouts are the only difference so far, right? Not exactly.

The Jungle Gym XT has a feature its competitor does not. It features a 'split design', which allows users to quickly and easily adjust the forces on the body by changing the width of the system.

From "V-shaped" suspension to neutral suspension (found in Olympic rings) and now wide-angle suspension, this trainer flows easily from one exercise to the next, without concern for overhead space or reduced movement. For most people this would never be an issue, since the TRX has plenty of length, but it is something to consider.

Suspension training with the Jungle Gym XT allows you to do everything you can on any similar piece of equipment. Flat pushups, incline and decline pushups, roll-outs, dips, body rows, pull-ups, lunges and leg curls are just a few of the endless list of exercises made more challenging by this form of training. But don't take my word for it, just try this simple workout I like to do when I want to keep things, well, simple. Compare your results when you try the same workout with a Jungle Gym XT or a TRX. I think you'll be a believer.

(after warm-up)


-Push-ups x10
-Chest Flyes x6-8
-Close Grip or Alternate Grip Pull-ups
-Hanging Leg, then knee raises with alternate grip on bar/suspension trainer

Repeat this circuit three to four times, and after each, jump rope for 60 seconds. You'll find being suspended when you do the exercises adds a completely new dimension. For more information about the Jungle Gym XT, visit the links above or below, and have fun!

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