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They Build Muscle,Strength and Cardio and They’re Cheap and Compact?

Strong enough? (

You have to wonder about these kinds of claims. After all, what muscle building/fitness program doesn’t promise to get you into the best results of your life? I can’t think of one.
This post isn’t about a program, though. It is about compact, inexpensive equipment that works. 
Enter the sandbag. Just not the ones you’re probably thinking of. Expensive sandbags built to get run over by a train and not bust a seam are great, but they cost quite a bit of money. We can get the same results with a little imagination and even less money. 
Pure Homemade Sandbag
The homemade sandbag is easy to make and doesn’t cost much. Here is what you need:

  • Two or more small trash bags (depending on how many weight options you want.)
  • One sturdy duffle (small to medium, depending on weight.)
  • Duct tape
  • Sand

The process is simple. 
-Divide sand into small trash bags, or put unopened sandbag in and tie it up. 
-Seal opening after tying with duct tape. Place the whole thing in the second trash bag and tie around outside of bag until package is tight. 
-Place inside duffle and get to work!
If you don’t have a duffle or prefer to use something extra sturdy, buy real sand bags and one of the handy canvas duffles below. Nothing beats this combo for toughness and price, and the finished product is comparable to professional sandbag system.

First, buy a set of these sandbags:

Next, choose one or more of these inexpensive, sturdy duffles:

This is great sandbag setup and an inexpensive one at that. Add to this the tough handles on these bags and they are a great alternative to spending $100-200 on a specialty bag.

The Semi-Homemade Sandbag

If you prefer lighter bags or more and easier weight changes, semi-homemade is a great option. Basically, you buy smaller industrial use sandbags and either use them by themselves, or place as many as you need inside a duffle bag. 

First, choose your ready made canvas sandbag:

This option gives you professional quality industrial use sandbags that seal tight. Place as many as you need inside a small duffle or use them by themselves. Each bag holds 20 lbs. of sand, so one set gives you up to 80 lbs. to workout with in 20 lb. increments. The price? Your duffle, about $10 for sand and $20-$30 for these high quality bags. Perfect.


The Endless Budget

The alternative to both of these options is the sandbag designed specifically for training. One of the best on the market is from Josh Henkn's sandbag fitness systems. But it will cost you. A military grade shell that holds up to 80 lbs. starts at $130. 

Build Muscle, Burn Fat, Compact?

Yes! No matter which set up you choose, the sand can be removed, and anything can be used as filler. Plus, sandbags are easy to stack, which keeps them out of the way (and makes a handy chair!). 

Sandbags build muscle and strength! Sand shifts, forcing your muscles to work harder to stabilize it. Your whole body gets involved, burning more calories and using more muscles. 

Even better, you can take your sandbags anywhere and get a phenomenal workout. 

For all of these reasons, sandbags easily make our top ten favorites for inexpensive home gym equipment. Get yours today!

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