Thursday, November 10, 2011

The TRX Force-Better, Faster, Stronger?

Fitness Anywhere, the makers of the trx suspension trainer, trx force and trx rip trainer, is an impressive company. I mean that you have to respect a business built around the concept of using nylon straps with comfortable foot cradles and handles as serious fitness equipment.

For awhile I wondered where they would continue to make their dollars when the yellow and black got beaten out by cheaper competition. Could they continue to grow on suspension training alone? Of course they also have workout dvd's and downloads. But then they came out with the TRX Force Kit. At a $20 higher price tag, customers would get an extensive workout geared for the military and an alternative to bright yellow straps. This was great, but aside from the workout, it seemed like nothing more than a different color choice from the yellow TRX suspension trainer.

Enter TRX Force 2.0 (I added the 2.0.) A redesigned, supposedly improved version of the original TRX Force. What can you do to change these simple contraptions? How can they improve? After all, a suspension trainer is a pretty straightforward device.

Well, it is their business, and they did manage to make some interesting changes. Here is a close up of the new look:

Notice the slight difference in color? The stylish carrying bag and packaging? Nice changes, plus you get the 12 week tactical conditioning program. But there are also structural changes. The first, and my favorite, are the handles. Take a look at the bottom picture. See those handles? They are made of easy to clean rubber. Nice update if they are as durable as they look.

This is also a lighter and "ultra-durable" TRX suspension trainer." What that means is the new TRX Force has no moving parts to fail, and the D rings are actually lighter and stronger. The result is a suspension trainer weighing in at only 1.5 lbs.

So change is good in this case. It's a hot new look for the TRX Force, comes with everything you see in the pictures, and it can definitely be a damn good workout.

And the price? Well, there is one change we might not like: $249, about $20 bucks higher than the last version. However, TRX has been running free shipping specials and discounts like it's already Christmas, so if you buy with free shipping, the price hasn't really changed.

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