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TRX Suspension Trainers

The Best Exercise Equipment for a Lean, Muscular Body?

The TRX Suspension Trainer, made by Fitness Anywhere, has attracted a lot of attention in recent months, and their success has spawned several copycats made by different manufacturers.

The concept is fairly easy to duplicate, after all, its some strong nylon straps with a quick adjustment, comfortable handles and comfortable foot straps. Oh, don't forget the fact that it can be anchored anywhere, temporarily or permanently.  But is it really worth the money? What can it do for YOU? And won't you still need other equipment?

I'm not quick to part with my money, but they advertise a no hassle guarantee. So in order to answer both of these questions, I bought my own and went to work.

Works Every Muscle

The answer to the question 'what can it do' is ...A LOT! In the same way strong and muscular gymnasts use suspended training (gymnastics ring) to build their powerful physiques, anyone can use the TRX to perform gymnastics exercises and more.

In fact, Fitness Anywhere is at the top of this industry because they've made the TRX suspension trainer easy for beginners and challenging enough for professional athletes. (One popular ad campaign features professional NFL quarterback Drew Brees being put through his paces, but he's not alone.)

When I first purchased the TRX, I had dreams of performing handstand pushups, dips and other advanced exercises. I watched the TRX instructional videos and thought it would be easy to keep up with their cardio circuits. Good thing it is easily adjustable. It took several weeks to work up to this level, and I consider myself a pretty strong athlete.

What ELSE Do I Need?

Suspension trainers are long enough to perform pushups 8 inches off the ground or high enough to do pullups when attached to a bar. They can also be adjusted to every height in between. This makes for a lot of variety and a full body workout. Once you get started with the TRX, you'll probably be asking yourself if you will ever need anything else again. The workouts are that diverse, not to mention fun.

The Price

The price of a thing is relative to its usefulness-and with all that variety we talked about, suspension trainers offer a lot of value for the money. But the TRX price is not unreasonable. Not for quality equipment, and not when compared to the cost of other common fitness expenses. Consider:

-An annual gym membership will average several hundred dollars a year.

-A decent olympic barbell set and a bench will top $300.

-A set of adjustable BowFlex dumbbells is almost four hundred.

-A standard set of adjustable weights with barbell and dumbell handles costs around $200 or less.

These are just the resistance training options. Other fitness and sports related expenses are in the same price range. So far, the TRX is right in line with the market, with one BIG advantage; you can take this anywhere, anywhere, anywhere, and still get a great workout that builds strength and muscle while helping you burn fat.

Shop the TRX Suspension Trainers at TRX Trainingor visit the links on the right.

What's Inside

So what do you get for your money? Amazing quality, but we'll get to that later. Your chosen suspension trainer, either the TRX Pro Pack,/div>

which comes with:

  • TRX® Suspension Training® P2 Model which features all new modular anchoring interface for faster set-up and take-down.
  • TRX® Door Anchor
  • 65-minute Basic Training DVD & full-color 35 page Workout Guide
  • 2 in-box bonus workouts:  TRX Endurance Circuit and TRX Metabolic Blast
  • TRX storage bag
  • 30-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee on every product.

When you consider the addition of the quality instructional exercise videos, that's a good value.

OR, for a little more money,  you can get an advanced workout and the cool desert beige of the TRX Force Kit

Designed to be performed on alternating days, the TRX Force includes two programs that begin at a moderate level and crank up the training aggressively over a 12-week period.

The TRX FORCE Kit includes:
  • TRX Tactical Suspension Trainer (T1 Model)
  • TRX Tactical Door Anchor
  • TRX FORCE Training DVD & Military Fitness Guide

The TRX FORCE Training DVD has over 2-hours of content including two real-time workouts. And, the TRX FORCE Military Fitness Guide takes you through 12-weeks of progress workouts to build peak military performance. That's a lot of extra material for about twenty bucks.

If you are looking for a serious, comprehensive training program - look no further. This is as hardcore as it gets.


The first thing you notice when you open the shipping box is, well, the box. Fitness Anywhere, the manufacturer of TRX has made every detail finished and innovative. They use just enough packaging to get the manual, DVD and of course your suspension trainer tucked away safely.

Pull the bag cord to remove the heavy duty mesh bag containing your suspension trainer and you will notice something else. This is not just a bunch of nylon straps and foam handles. The TRX is rugged, heavy-duty from end to end.

Thick nylon with reinforced stitching, padding on the inside of the foot straps, formidable (not thin) foam really does look like something the Navy SEALs would use in the field.

Which is exactly the point. The military, professional sports organizations and strength and conditioning associations have all approved and adopted TRX suspension training to some extent.

Professional Approval

TRX is reaching the masses, and professional athletes have been featured incorporating it into their training programs, but so have professional strength and conditioning authorities like the NSCA.

This respected strength and conditioning organization has featured the TRX in their Tactical Strength and Conditioning bulletin, and the American Council on Exercise has created workouts for it as well.

This is all well and good, but are these organizations just reacting to the increasing popularity of this new category of exercise? Yes and no. Obviously they want to stay up-to-date on the latest trends, but at the same time, they realize the effectiveness of this simple product.

Make no mistake, TRX suspension training with the TRX can be challenging, and no one is exempt from this fact. At the same time, the exercises can be scaled to the beginning fitness level with ease.

Will it appeal to everyone? Replace the urge to pull huge iron off the floor or bench? Maybe not. But it provides a better solution than traditional weight lifting for a lot of sports (triathletes and tennis players, among others,) and can be done anywhere, making it easy to stay in shape on the road.

Check out the packages for yourself at: and decide on the best one for you. I recommend the TRX Pro Pack to get started. It has a reasonable price tag, comes with the door anchor, and has plenty of instructional exercise cd's to keep you busy for a few months.

To understand suspension training, you've got to try it. View the video below to get an idea of how you'll be transforming your body with suspension training exercises; then follow the links to get your own. You'll start feeling the results the next day, and seeing improvements in record time!

Shop today!

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  1. The Trx Force Kit is a training regimen that is used by professionals in the Military, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), and first responders. This product is made by TRX which was started only seven years ago by a US Navy SEAL.