Monday, November 12, 2012

Top 3 Balance Boards for Balance Exercises Anywhere

During this time of year when the holidays are around the corner and overindulgence begins to seep into our lifestyle like a pipe about to burst, self-control is an important concept. Training self control is a good way to get your mind and body stronger and in balance. You can do this with yoga, tai chi or ballet, to hame a few, but whatever you do, getting the mind to focus while under physical strain is the key.  

And nothing makes you focus more than a good balance training session that emphasizes isometric strength, static balance and coordination to keep you from landing on the floor. 

Balance boards, those devices that usually look a lot like a skateboard with a giant wheel in the middle of it, are the perfect tool (or gift) for the season. There are quite a few to choose from as well. From the Bongo Board to the Shaun White Snowboard balance trainers, to the utilitarian Rola Bola board that has an adjustable base. Then there is always the original that started the skate/surf style balance boards, the Indo Board. 

These devices will work muscles you forgot you had, and get you ready for snowboarding, skating, surfing or any activity where increased balance and stability could come in handy. Life, for instance. 

Here are our top three balance boards to pick up for your home gym:

The Bongo Board 

Call it a rocker board or a balance board, the Bongo Board is a great tool for balance training exercises and has a unique wheel design. Designed with a skateboard style deck, the Bongo Board's wheels are connected to the bottom of the board, moving back and forth along a track. Bongo Boards measure 32 inches long x 9 inches wide and weigh in at almost 8 pounds. Just enough to support you and your extra weight.

The Indo Board

The indo Board is serious professional balance training equipment, but it is also serious fun at the same time. The board sits on top of the unattached roller, which is 6" in diameter and very beefy (the Bongo Board is 7" tall with the board.) This is the original version that spawned the Indo Pro and the many indo board tricks practiced users can do on them.

Indo board exercises are similar to those you would do on other balance boards, but the unique roller allows motion that is closer to emulating wave movement. The board itself is closer to a surfboard shape and even has a supercool breaking wave design on the deck. You can also choose from 5 other artistic design/color combinations. This solid original is 30 inches long and weighs in at 15 pounds. Fun, fun, fun.

Rola Bola 

Made of strong birch plywood and intentionally shaped to appeal to everyone, the Rola Bola has a separate 6.5" roller made of heavy duty pvc pipe. Some smart touches to this 'rocker board' are the rubber grips on top for your feet and the stops, or brakes, on either end to prevent the roller from flying out from under the board.

Despite the straightforward design, the Rola Bola is every bit as challenging as the Indo Board and Bongo Board. It measures 29" long and 11" wide.

Bringing balance board training into your life yields improvements in sports performance whether in the water, on concrete or on a grass field. In addition to forcing your leg muscles to stabilize during balance board exercises, the core is extremely active as well. Bring one of these tools into your home and no matter how it improves your performance, it will add a ton of fun to your training.

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