Friday, March 2, 2012

Weighted Vests for Overall Strength and Conditioning

Weighted vests are a great way to condition the whole body. Wear one while walking or jogging to increase workout intensity and burn more calories, while at the same time improving muscle mass and endurance.

Weight vests are space efficient and perfect for the home gym, and are ideal for adding resistance to bodyweight exercises, including pushups, squats, good mornings, dips and pullups. Weight can be adjusted quickly to accommodate individual users and vary workout intensity.

A 40 lb. adjustable weighted vest is an excellent training implement for soldiers preparing for deployment, as the weight simulates that of a typical field vest. It also works well for older exercisers who need to maintain bone density and muscle mass in a safe manner with minimum momentum. 

While there are many vests on the market, a weighted vest that is too bulky can cause chafing and limit mobility. The ZFO sport vest solves this by contouring to the user's body. Weight goes up to 40 lbs.and the smart design is comfortable and non-chafing.

At 25-50 percent lower than lesser competitors on the market, the ZFO is a great buy, and comes with a warranty if you buy through the Amazon-linked website.

Check it out:

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