Saturday, December 24, 2011

Jungle Gym XT Suspension Trainer Wall and Ceiling Anchors

If you like suspension training and use the jungle gym xt,  the jungle gym xt door anchors are the perfect accessory for your home gym.

These lightweight anchors are a heavy duty solution to having a permanent place to mount your jungle gym xt in your home. They are low profile and unobtrusive, and designed to be put on the ceiling or wall. For obvious reasons you will need to find the joist or stud to screw these into, but once in place, each mount hold up to 300 lbs.

Anchors are included, but like a lot of this type of equipment, you may want to pick up some heavy duty drywall or concrete anchors that self tap and can be twisted in with a screwdriver.

Are there cheaper alternative to using brand specific accessories for anchoring your suspension trainer? Sure! You could just go buy a couple of sturdy eye hooks and spend only a few bucks. Eye hooks are not unobtrusive though, and definitely not low profile. Back up into it or sideswipe it once and it is probably coming out of the wall.

So get the right anchors for your jungle gym xt. They are specially designed to hold the ends flat and when you are done with your workout, they don't look like something you hang a tool on!

Check out the jungle gym xt for yourself:

For people who know they need higher anchoring points, use the jungle gym xt with the extender straps:

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